BATO HINDI QUALIFIED? Basahin mo ito baka magbago isip mo.

Let me refresh your memory back in 2013…

A woman gets kidnapped in Quezon City, she tricks her kidnappers that her money is in a bank in Davao City, she hopes that by luring the kidnappers to Davao City, the Dabawenyo cops would rescue her…

After a deadly shootout at the busy Claveria Street, she was rescued unharmed. The victim with her life on the line puts her trust on the Davao City Police Office… the chief of police then is the now-elected Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

Ten days before that incident I interviewed chief of police Bato and told me he was worried that the Davao city police was under-equipped, ticking off wishlists such as M4 rifles, stun grenades, tear gas and kevlar for the SWAT team and vehicles and radios for the mobile patrol units. He said they needed that equipment badly in case something might happen and he had talked to then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte about it.

In life everyday is a preparation for what would happen the next day, our next “Claveria”. when Bato says he needs a “seminar” its not actually a question of his competence but a hallmark of his trait of constantly preparing for the task ahead.

He’s a Senator who fits the qualifications according to our constitution. Moreover, with the group he trusts, Attorney Sara Duterte-Carpio and Attorney Rodrigo Duterte, he will be able to hire the best lawyers as his staff and with the REAL LOYALTY to serve the BEST INTEREST of our country and the Filipino People.

REMEMBER, you may be the MOST INTELLIGENT BASKETBALL COACH in the world but if your basketball players won’t listen to you or worse, won’t have their support… you won’t move mountains. you won’t be able to execute anything.

Suspected kidnappers shot dead by Davao cops

DAVAO CITY – Operatives of the Davao City Police Office killed two and wounded one of the four members of an alleged kidnap-for-ransom group in downtown Claveria Street around 12 noon Thursday.

The bodies of the two were recovered inside a Mitsubishi Montero Sport vehicle parked in front of Allied Bank in Claveria Street.

Davao City Police Office Chief Ronald Dela Rosa said that the four traveled to Davao City from Manila with kidnap victim Sally Chua to withdraw the supposed ransom money amounting to PHP15 M from the said bank.

“One of the suspects accompanied the victim to withdraw the ransom. We grabbed the victim and neutralized the escort,” said Dela Rosa.

Dela Rosa said the four are part of a 14-man group riding in three luxury vehicles. The other members riding in the two other vehicles escaped. One of them allegedly is a member of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

“They come from different places. They are Waray, Tagalog but they all understand Bisaya. We see a military ring but we cannot say for certain if the one who owns it is a former member or an active member,” Dela Rosa said.

City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, in a phone conversation with Dela Rosa, said he has a standing shoot-to-kill order against all criminals in the city.

With regards to the suspects who escaped, Dela Rosa said they are under pursuit.

“They sped off in disarray,” Dela Rosa said.

Davao City, among other areas in Western and Eastern Mindanao, has been included in a recent advisory from Canada, Australia and the US warning of terrorist and kidnap-for-ransom threats.

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Suspected kidnappers shot dead by Davao cops