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Let’s be kind and let Duterte go

April 16, 2020

In a recent speech, President Duterte admitted he is at a loss how to govern in this crisis situation caused by the novel coronavirus that has been ravaging mankind the past five months.

It’s unfair for us to impose on him the responsibility of governing the country when he himself admits he no longer can hack it.

In his April 6 midnight “Talk to the Nation,” looking tired and confused, he said:

“Hindi ko alam kung kailan kayo sabihan ko sa inyo bahay lang kayo. Hindi ko alam kung kailan ako makahatid ng pagkain sa lahat. Hindi ko alam kung saan ako magkuha ng pera. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang ipagbili ko na may kung may magbibili. (I don’t know until when I’m going to tell you to stay home. I don’t know when I can bring you food. I don’t know where I’m going to get money. I don’t know what I’m going to sell that someone can buy.”

As of April 16, COVID-19 continues to spread (5,660 have been confirmed to be infected in the country as of April 16) and have claimed the lives of 435. The country needs a competent leader.

By his own words, Duterte admits it’s not him.

Instead of inspiring people in this time of crisis he either threatens or talks about his urinary habits: “Kasi ako ‘pag nagising ng gabi, ‘pag umihi ako, hindi ako bumabalik sa kama. Diresto ako sa lounging chair at mag-isip na ako maabutan ako ng daybreak magtingin ako sa labas sa bintana paano ko… Sa akin lahat eh. (When I wake up at night, and I urinate, I can’t go back to be anymore. I go straight to the lounging chair and think untul morning; I just look out of the window how.. It’s all on me.)

Then more bladder talks:“May tulog ako? Kanina nagising ako mga three plus. ‘Pagka— dalawang beses ako umihi before getting to bed. And once talagang mag-ihi ako isang beses then umaga na. (Do I sleep? This morning I woke up past 3 a.m. I urinated twice before getting to bed. Then I woke up to urinate, then it’s already morning.)

His succeeding midnight address to the people were the same: rambling and incoherent.

This prompted Atty. Dino de Leon to ask “Do we still have a physically and mentally healthy President?”

De Leon filed a petition with the Supreme Court a petition invoking the right of the people to know these very crucial information as mandated by the Constitution.

Dino said “Of late, the President has been seen as rather sickly and miserably incoherent in his press conferences, specifically over the period of the Enhanced Community Quarantine.”On Friday, April 17, the Supreme will conduct a virtual hearing on the petition

Let’s be kind and let Duterte go