Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, nagreply sa Mensahe ni Pangulong Duterte…

MANILA Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso returned the compliment to President Rodrigo Duterte whose brand of leadership, he said, has “inspired” not only him but all the mayors nationwide.

“So we owe it to you Mr. President, for inspiring us and for becoming a good example to all of us,” said Domagoso in a statement late Tuesday night, shortly after Duterte said that the Manila mayor had “impressed” him.

Three months into his term, Domagoso became the yardstick for other mayors.

Domagoso, in Filipino, recalled how, during one of his visits to Davao City, he was afraid to smoke because he would be arrested since  it was banned.

He also remembered once how the driver of the cab he was riding from Tagum slowed down as it entered Davao City because of a speed limit that motorists had to follow.

“Kahit gabi ho dito, may pulis man o wala, sumusunod kami sa batas trapiko,” said the driver.

(Even at night, whether there is a policeman or not, we follow traffic rules.)

“As I always say, it is not the severity of the punishment itself, but the certainty of getting caught that deters a person from committing a crime,” Domagoso said. 





The Manila Times
‘Inspired Yorme’ returns Duterte compliment