MAGBUBUNGA NAMAN, REALISTIC PO AKO MANGAKO. Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto, may pakiusap sa publiko…

And more on his ‘never had a girlfriend’ revelation

Politics’ most eligible bachelor Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto may be melting the ladies’ hearts, but he can’t escape being compared to Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso when it comes to his performance in office.

Good thing Vico isn’t pressured by this at all.

In The Know caught up with the handsome young mayor as he was doing his event rounds in Pasig and when asked for comment, he immediately said he doesn’t mind being policed by netizens for his work.

“Kung napansin niyo noong kampanya, very realistic naman ako kung mangako. Kahit tumatakbo ako noong mga panahon na iyon hindi ko pinangako ang langit at lupa, kung ano lang talaga iyong realistic,” he stressed.

In fact, Vico is now drafting and finalizing the budget for his city come 2020 and made sure to explain to the Pasigueños as best he can the major plans he is set to roll out next year. One of these is the P2-billion allotment for Pasig’s universal health care.

“Ang pinaka-mahalaga sa atin is health care. Right now inaayos na natin yung pondo para sa 2020. Excited na ako makita ito ng mga Pasigueño once it rolls out. Times three iyong budget para sa gamot at hindi lang para sa mga senior citizens.”

Though very charming, Vico knew from the start he cannot please everybody once he assumed office.

“Hindi na mahalaga iyon. Ang mahalaga is we work day in day out, night in and night out for the city,” he countered.

Vico is also well aware of what he needs to do to clean the city literally and figuratively and what he got himself into when he won back in May.

“Ako naman andito ako para i-challenge yung sistema natin and what used to be the norm. Panahon na that we challenge it, baguhin na natin, and that’s my challenge to the media and the politicians, including myself kasi hindi naman ako perfect and everybody as well.”

With his stature, Mayor Vico  also understands that he can never escape the headlines and go viral online all the time given that he is the son of showbiz veterans Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes.

Nevertheless, he took the opportunity to clarify a statement he made that he doesn’t want to be identified in showbiz but solely for his career in public service.

“Let’s see beyond the glitz and the glamor and the sexy issues so to speak and let’s focus on the government.”

Recently, his viral “never had a girlfriend” claim led to meme-worthy curriculum vitae-type applications from online females praying to win his heart. He acknowledged he saw the posts and apologized to the ladies that getting-to-know-yous aren’t happening anytime soon and the online antics are definitely not the way to his heart.

“Hindi ko talaga pinapansin, basta trabaho lang tayo.”

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Until next week, ta-ta!

The Manila Times
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